Day Twenty-Eight: The Blogger Challenge (Only Pictures)

Day Twenty-Eight: The Blogger Challenge - Only Pictures

Today's blogger challenge is to only post pictures so I have selected a few random ones that I thought I would share with you...

Me as a baby with my dad (nice wallpaper lol!)

On Holiday (France) posing with dad

GHD's - Couldn't live without these now!

Furry FH (as a kitten) -  also couldn't live without him!

My mums cat Benji (when he was a kitten)

When I met Diana Vickers! eee!

Watching a mika concert (if we had been earlier we could have been on stage like this!!)

Spaghetti Carbonara (yum yum yum!)

Me and my mum

Cupcakes I made for halloween (I can bake!)

Me acting like a pleb with no make up on eeek!

I hope you've enjoyed these photos.  I haven't included any of Mr FH or my step son because Mr FH doesn't like cameras (going to be an issue at our wedding!) and since I'm not my step son's mum it's not my place to post photos of him in public places but I love them both to bits!.

Let's see what everyone else has posted :)




OOTD - Outfit of the day, Mixed Prints

I really love my "Outfit of the Day" today.  Past seasons collide in this outfit with an AX Paris floral dress that is a black base colour with beautiful floral print in reds, purples and yellows.  I have matched it with a red polka dot cardigan which I think actually works, especially with my red heels.  It's a mix of prints and patterns but it's a lovely vibrant look that suits a day such as today when it isn't as sunny and will also work in Autumn.

I managed to get my AX Paris dress on ebay.  I missed out when it was originally for sale, so to pick this dress up for £8 was an absolute bargain.  This dress doesn't need any necklaces due to its gorgeous print however I am wearing a selection of bracelets that are mostly from New Look.  I would love to get some red bracelets splashed in there too when I find some I like.

My cardigan is from the previous "Bay Trading Company" so it must be pretty old as they are no longer in business.  Overall, I feel really lovely in this outfit, possibly a little overdressed to be going to the doctors but hey ho! That's me! 

Dress: AX Paris (size 20), Cardigan: Bay Trading Company (Size 16),
Bracelets: New Look, Heels: New Look


I'm a RapidLash Tester...

Last week I noticed that RapidLash were looking for testers of their product.  I've never really tested beauty products before for fear of being allergic to them however when I saw this notice on twitter my interest was there straight away.  I have short eye lashes.  In fact, I'd go as far to say I have really short, stumpy eye lashes and no matter what mascara I use they never look any different.  I applied to be a RapidLash tester and was accepted!

My envelope arrived on Saturday and contained a little welcome note, a tube of RapidLash and a little booklet explaining what the product is all about.  RapidLash is a new eyelash enhancing serum that conditions your lashes making them look stronger, fuller and healthier.  So far so good. The application method is slightly different to how I imagined in that you need to apply a thin line of the serum at the base of the eyelash similar to how you'd apply liquid eye liner.  I am starting my trial tonight for 8 weeks and will post updates on how I am getting on.  

To begin, here is a shot of my terrible eyelashes in their current state:

Stay posted for the results! :)


Day Twenty-Seven: The Blogger Challenge (A letter to your readers)

Day Twenty-Seven The Blogger Challenge - A letter to your readers

Firstly, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my little space on the Internet.  When I first started my blog I didn't think anyone would be interested in what I had to say and the thought of an outfit of the day post terrified me!  Once the first outfit post was done I guess the nerves subsided and I would say I am now a little addicted to it and I post a lot more regularly now I know you are reading! 

The last few months have been amazing - being contacted by several plus size brands to review their clothes, getting comments on my blog, seeing traffic increase.  I genuinely wish that I had started doing this years ago and am really glad that I found the confidence to finally launch my site.

Without you, there would be no site. Seems a bit pointless rambling on to myself so again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and supporting me and I hope to meet some of you at this years Plus North! :) 



Day Twenty-Six: The Blogger Challenge (Something you read online)

Day Twenty-Six The Blogger Challenge - Something you read online

This isn't technically reading, but I have an obsession with checking the weather forecast online!  I check it a few times a day and i'm not really sure why! It's become a bit of a novelty in our house with Mr FH calling me a weathergirl! lol

Let's see how everyone else answered today's challenge: 


Tagged: Beauty

I was tagged over the weekend by one of the lovely 30 day blogger challengers (Beth at Tinkerbell and the Lost Girls) to do a beauty Q/A.  I am looking forward to adding more beauty related posts and reviews as I do have my own little routine going (it changes all the time!).  Here goes...

1. Name a beauty routine you barely do

I must admit I don't take very good care of my feet. I suffer from quite bad cracked heels and I should really be moisturing and using a pumice stone but I always find something else that needs doing first.  I never paint my toenails so generally I think my feet need some TLC!

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

I never used to use brushes to apply makeup until my best friend got a job at The Body Shop and now knows more about makeup than I do!  She is always giving me tips and telling me off for various makeup faux pas! Recently I did get given a set of brushes and I am starting to use them but not long enough to give them a wash yet.  I will get into a routine of using them every time I apply makeup and washing them once or twice a month.  Bad felicity! 

3. How long will you last with chipped nails?

I only paint my nails when I have had acrylic nails applied but when I do I can't stand it if I chip nail polish.  I am so impatient that when I am applying it, I'll carry on doing other things then smudge it... then start all over again.  I have been known to paint my nails 10 times in a day!  For this reason and slight OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) I tend to keep my acrylic nails natural with their white tips.  It saves SO much time!

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty product or nail polish even if you need it (i.e top coat, foundation and so on)

Foundation wise I'll buy it as I need it.  I had a makeover a few months back with my friend at the Body Shop and ended up changing all of my foundation and I'm nearly out.  As soon as I am on the last drops I'll borrow my mums and then go get some more.  Nail polish wise, I don't rush out to buy as I don't really use it on a day to day basis.

5. What is your worst beauty habit?

My worst beauty habit would have to be not looking after my feet at all or.. please don't go mental at me for this one ladies, shaving my eyebrows!  When I am in a rush, i'll run a shaver over the bottom to get rid of any stray hairs which I know is a really really really bad habit but plucking them hurts SO much!

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

Ironing!  Where possible I buy clothes that don't need ironing because the thought of doing an ironing pile is complete dread but then when I start doing it, I actually enjoy the peace while ironing! Weird huh!  I'd say Mr FH does more ironing than I do!

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute or not?

No way! I get ready hours in advance which sometimes is detrimental because I'll need to re-apply eye liner, or lipstick.  When deciding on an outfit, I change so many times that I need time to decide what to wear too.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?
Yes... reluctantly... I went through a phase where I didn't spend a penny on clothing and makeup but I did get withdrawal symptoms.  When I was a teenager I would happily go window shopping but it all became a bit frustrating.  I probably have spent a bit too much in the last couple of months and with the wedding to save for I do need to cut back.  I do search for bargains most of the time though.

9. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collections?

I do have a few makeup bags and a box with nail varnishes in however things do tend to escape and end up around the house.  I would say I'm not the most organised of people.  The cats also like to steal things and hide them too (I've found many a lipstick under the sofa!)

10. What is the longest time you have been without writing a blog post?

When I first started blogging I used to leave it for months without writing because I wasn't sure anyone would want to read what I had to say.  Self doubt crept in and I also was a bit nervous about posting my first OOTD (Outfit of the day) post but now I have I am addicted.  I can leave it a few days max but then I worry that my readers won't return and I value every single one of them :)

I now tag Laura from What Laura Loves, George from Full Figured Bust and Verena from a Plus Sized Fashion Obsession to do this post :)


Day Twenty-Five: The Blogger Challenge (Something someone told you about you that you'll never forget)

Day Twenty-Five: The Blogger Challenge - Something someone told you about you that you'll never forget.

I've been trying to think of a positive thing for this challenge because as you probably know you'll remember most of the negative things forever!  The most positive thing someone has ever said about me is Mr FH near the beginning of our relationship when we were dating every day!  He told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world, which I don't agree with and at the time I thought he was just saying it to be nice, but now after 3 years together I genuinely believe what he said to be true in his opinion.  I'd never agree with it! lol :) 

Let's check out the other challengers taking part - not long now ladies!


OOTD - Outfit of the day - butterflies and denim

My "Outfit of the Day" today is a really pretty look.  I must admit I haven't accessorised this outfit with any jewellery because i'm in a bit of a chill out mood.  This outfit features a gorgeous dress from Simply Be which is my opinion looks so much prettier in real life than in the photos on their website.  I imagined this dress to be quite dull in colour but it is vibrant and really pops out.  I absolutely love it.  It has an elasticated waist which makes it really comfy and I am wearing the size 20.  On the Simply Be website, this "Enchanted Print Dress" is still available but in very limited sizes, only size 12 and size 24 but it is an absolute bargain at £14!

Since the weather is starting to cool down a bit, I am wearing my dress with a light coloured denim jacket from Primark.  I have been looking for a denim jacket for a while now but I haven't found one that I really liked until now.  This jacket was only £16 and I am wearing the size 16.  It's a little tight but I quite like that look as I wouldn't wear it done up anyway.  I am also starting spinning every day so I may lose a few pounds and the smaller size seemed a better idea.  The dress has quite wide shoulder panels so I would happily wear it without a jacket.

As I mentioned earlier, other than my engagement ring I'm not wearing any jewellery.  I think I would probably wear a bunch of bracelets or pretty rings with this dress so that when I took the jacket off they were showing.  It definitely doesn't need any necklaces because the print is so bold and pretty.

Dress: Simply Be (Currently limited sizes £14), Denim Jacket: Primark, £16
(Please excuse the squinty eyes - hayfever is terrible at the moment!)

Considering I didn't own any Simply Be products before I reviewed them, I am getting quite a nice collection now!  Their autumn range has been released last week too!


Day Twenty-Four: The Blogger Challenge (Your top 3 worst traits)

Day Twenty-Four: The Blogger Challenge - Your top 3 worst traits...

I found this challenge really easy because I am well aware of most things that are annoying about myself.  The worst trait I have is interrupting people who are talking to me.  I do it all of the time to Mr FH and it REALLY irritates him,

Worrying is probably my second worst trait I have.  I'll panic about really trivial things like "What are we going to eat on the weekend?", what if scenarios that haven't even happened!  Sometimes they can be unrealistic things like "what if we go ice skating and someone skates over my fingers and chops them off"?".

Putting myself down is another bad thing that I do.  I am getting better at receiving compliments but I am constantly making comments like "My arms are looking really fat, my hair is thinner and my legs have more cellulite"  I think most women have days like this though no matter what size they are or what they look like...

I'm interested to see what everyone else has written for this challenge:


Day Twenty-Three: The Blogger Challenge (Things you have learnt that school won't teach you)

Day Twenty-Three: The Blogger Challenge - Things you've learnt that school won't teach you.

I'd have to say money management for this challenge.  I'm not sure if every child is the same as I was but when I was at school I had no concept of how much things cost.  I knew my parents paid for the house each month but it wasn't until I moved out when I was 19 that I found out how much things add up!  Mortgage / rent, electricity, council tax, phone, broadband, food... I couldn't believe how much I had to spend on basics each month for a one bedroom flat! 

It's amazing how quickly you grasp how to handle money though, making sure the important bills are paid first, then putting money aside for emergencies such as MOT Failure, or luxuries like a holiday.  I was always super careful with my money until the blip of my ex came along but now I am back into the safer me, the one that always plans ahead and although I do treat myself to too many clothes and my family to meals out I am always concious of the dates the direct debits come out! :)

I wonder what everyone else has written about today:


Astrid & Miyu - Statement jewellery with style!

I was first introduced to Astrid & Miyu on twitter from a re-tweet and as an inquisitive person I wanted to find out more.  Astrid & Miyu are an online jewellery brand founded by creative professionals Connie and Jenny.  

From a first glance at their online store, their jewellery style is varied and unusual featuring statement pieces such as cocktail rings and friendship bracelets which are very on trend at the moment (re-living my teenage years!).  Two of their collections particularly caught my eye: evil eye jewellery and their collection of beautiful statement necklaces.

Evil eye jewellery isn't a new concept for me as I first discovered it in Cyprus on a family holiday in 2007.  Both myself and my sister bought an evil eye necklace each (I have no idea where mine has done now) and they featured a pretty sparkly eye with a tear drop dangling from one corner on silver chain.   The evil eye charm is a historic Mediterranean and middle-eastern tradition that protects against evil spirits and jealous onlookers.

The Astrid & Miyu Evil Eye Jewellery collection looks a lot more exquisite than my Cypriot version and a wide variety of jewellery in this style is available: earrings; bracelets and necklaces with ring versions coming soon.   I am particularly fond of the bracelets and necklaces and I think they would look equally fantastic with a casual look of jeans and t-shirt or a more dressy affair.  

Eye See You In Silver Bracelet, £54 @ Astrid & Miyu


Eye See You In Gold Necklace, £59 @ Astrid & Miyu

I am a big fan of statement necklaces, much to Mr FH's dismay! He is a fan of more delicate jewellery whereas I like both styles depending on what I am wearing. Astrid & Miyu's statement necklace collection is simply outstanding.  With a variety of on trend colours for this current season and price tags to suit any budget, I was very impressed with what was on offer on their website.  There are a variety of styles including big chunky chain style necklaces and neon beaded versions too ranging upwards from £29.

Various Statement Necklaces available @ Astrid & Miyu

My favourite in this collection is the Vibrant Sunshine in Coral Necklace.  I think the colours are very suited to the current clothes that are available in store and that it would really stand out on a simple dress to make it much more noticable.  Made from chunky chain with geometrically cut resin stones and at a price tag of £39, I think this is very reasonable for a piece of special occasion jewellery.  

Astrid & Miyu have already been featured in many of our UK and international publications and I think it's only onwards and upwards for this unique jewellery brand!


Day Twenty-Two: The Blogger Challenge (Rant about something)

Day Twenty-Two: The Blogger Challenge - Rant about something

I enjoy a good rant now and then and there are plenty of things that "grind my gears" but I am going to share with you something that I found downright rude while eating out a couple of months ago.

Now I am all for technology, don't get me wrong. I'm a self confessed computer geek while Mr FH is more of a science nerd.  I understand the importance of introducing children to technology and we regularly help my step son on his little Vtech laptop and have shown him how to use a mouse/keyboard etc ready for school.  My bug bear is when older children (from say the age of 9 or 10 up to teenagers) have absolutely no respect whatsoever.

Recently, Mr FH, my mum and I were eating out.  We sat down and ordered our food when this family came in.  From a distance it looked like a mum, younger teenage boy, his gran (possibly).  They sat down at a table in my eyeline and immediately the boy took out an ipad and sat with it playing games and watching films right at the dinner table!  I was so shocked! I thought it was incredibly rude that he hadn't even talked to his gran/mum/family and that he was sat the whole time playing on his ipad.  I am a people watcher (which is probably annoying to other people!) and mentioned it to Mr FH about if my step son ever did that he'd have it confiscated! I know family meals can be boring, hey I was a child once but please let's have a bit of interaction at the dinner table!!



Day Twenty-One: The Blogger Challenge (A list of links to your favourite posts)

Day Twenty-One: The Blogger Challenge - A list of links to your favourite posts in your archives

I have hand picked a selection of my favourite posts in my archives - if you'd like to recap with my over my journey as a plus size fashion blogger, here's the best bits!

My Review of Simply Be
I love this post because it is the first review I ever took part in.  I was so excited at being asked to review something that I was bouncing around the house for days!  From memory I also think these were my first photo posts on the blog and I was super nervous about starting OOTD posts etc in case my style looked silly :)

Review of Paper Dolls - Partywear Brand @ Simply Be
I think when you see this post you'll understand why I love it.  I actually have photos I really love of myself! I have never owned any dresses that are so exquisite before that review and I felt extremely lucky to be able to try them on (and rock them if I do say so myself!)

Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping

As we are currently saving for our wedding I am completely wedding mad. I wouldn't say I was bridezilla because that isn't in my nature but I love cooing over anything to do with weddings!  I don't think there is enough decent information out there for curvier girls before they have their first bridal shop experience and I remember how nervous I was before mine so I'd like to think this is a helpful post for all plus size brides to be.

30 Day Blogger Challenge - A Favourite Photo Of Yourself

I really enjoyed this challenge and I didn't find it hard at all.  It was so lovely to go back through my old photos and find one where me and dad look so happy.  Miss him so much :) 

I hope you've enjoyed this journey through my blogging memory lane and will check out the other gorgeous girls taking part in this challenge. Not long left now!



Introducing ASOS Curve Jewellery

I have been a fan of ASOS for a while now and have ordered items from their main brand jewellery, accessories and one of their bodycon dresses before (although I haven't worn it properly yet!) so imagine my excitement when I received an e-mail from ASOS Curve inviting me to view their up and coming collection of ASOS Curve Jewellery ready for Christmas!

Their new collection includes a lot of statement pieces and plenty of gold coloured pieces too.  I think that gold looks so much more luxurious than silver these days so I am pleased they have stuck with this colour scheme.  ASOS Curve jewellery has been designed for ladies like myself who are plus size so everything is made for a comfortable fit.  How many times have you tried on bracelets or rings in high street stores to find they simply won't fit?  Now this worry is gone with a specially designed jewellery range for curvier girls.

The new collection will be available from the ASOS website (Curve section) and prices start at only £6 so now fashionable jewellery is affordable too.  Let's take a look at some of the more unusual and exquisite pieces in this new range.

Gem Clasp Chain Necklace (Available from August 2013: £30)

This necklace is a statement necklace and a half!  I love the colours used and the amount of chainmaille/ring work too.  I think this necklace will be absolutely stunning combined with a party dress.

Lion Bear Bangles (Available from August 2013: £12)

I really like the simplicity of these bangles and at £12 for 2 of them, I think it will be a bargain.  You can wear these bracelets separately or together for a more impact look.  One of the things I love about these bracelets is that they both have a different texture, one looks smooth and the other has a diamond imprint on it.

Cameo Disc Earrings (Available from August 2013: £18)

These earrings are so unusual I had to give them a mention.  I do have pierced ears however I very rarely wear earrings because if they aren't made of real gold my earlobes swell up and go very red.  I have some sort of allergy (that I'm told is really common) to metals which means I'm pretty restricted when earrings are concerned.  That doesn't stop me though and for a special occasion I will wear a pair of earrings and put up with the pain the day after!  These earrings would look fantastic with a little black dress.  Gorgeous! 

Don't forget these items aren't for sale until August 2013 but there are plenty more in the new range that I know you'll fall in love with like I have.  Exciting times for a plus size girl!


Day Twenty: The Blogger Challenge (Something you are struggling with right now)

Day Twenty: The Blogger Challenge - Something you are struggling with right now.

Another serious challenge today, although a short one.  What am I struggling with?  This is easy...

It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I am relatively happy with the way I look but I would still say that something I am struggling with right now (and always have) is my weight.  

I have been a bigger girl since I was 6 years old and have yo yo dieted from the age of 14 which is really bad.  The reason I would say I am struggling with my weight is not for any vain reason but because I don't want to get ill in later life.  My mum has diabetes which at the moment is diet controlled and my uncle has really bad diabetes and was in intensive care for a few months after having a hypo so I want to eat healthier and exercise to prevent myself from getting weight / diet related illnesses.  

Take a look at the other girls taking part in this challenge.